Our approach

  • To offer our customers a good compromise between technical and organizational vision, daily operation and strategic projection of their Information Systems.
  • We work on the 3 levels of the information system :
    • Organization & Strategy
    • Software & Data
    • Systems & networks
  • Our services are flexible depending on the size and needs of each client. They range from simple helpline advice to support all the management of an ISD as part of a total outsourcing.

Our assets

  • A good listening with a perfect understanding of the stakes and constraints of the different actors.
  • The competence and know-how of our stakeholders.
  • Targeted work adapted to the context.
  • The effective experience of our leaders in the management of ISD as well within companies with well-developed ISDs as in companies with limited IT resources.
  • A clear and precise restitution of the elements of the analysis and recommendations based on our expertise.
  • A methodology for the natural and progressive appropriation of the system by all stakeholders.

Our services

Troubled projects

  • You have initiated a project internally or with an external service provider and you have little visibility as to the chances of success of this project.
  • We bring you our expertise in order to :
    • Diagnose problems
    • Provide you with alternatives to take advantage of the investments you have already made
    • Ensure the good end of the project

Audit and realization of IT master plans

Our audit approach has three main objectives :
  • Evaluate quantitatively and qualitatively the management performance of the existing information system.
  • Strengthen the knowledge of management and supervision on practices and standards in the information system management field.
  • Targeting priorities, medium-term actions and long-term actions.

Assistance for project management

  • We intervene as assistance to project management to provide a methodology to ensure the success of your IT projects. The client chooses the level of intervention according to its internal resources and the dimension of the project.
  • Possible intervention levels :
    • Preparation of the specifications
    • Help in choosing solutions and service providers
    • Setting up of a quality plan for implementation
    • Audit of implementation
    • Start-up support and change management

Assistance in the creation or restructuring of an ISD

  • You want to create or restructure your ISD, we bring you our expertise to set up an organization adapted to your context.
  • We help you set up all the processes for an efficient ISD :
    • Definition of the organization and relations of the IT function
    • Project management
    • Hardware and software management
    • Help Desk
    • Exploitation
    • Administration and security

Outsourced ISD

  • We take care of your entire information system. We are both the interlocutor of the division to define the strategy and the budget and your IT department for operational issues.
  • We take full responsibility for IT needs :
    1. Long-term advice related to information system strategy.
    2. The relationship with suppliers and other potential providers.
    3. Implementation and monitoring of all projects.
    4. Training and change management.
    5. The day-to-day management of the general operation.

Basic services

  • We offer you basic services to help you maintain your information system in a permanent state of operation and ensure your business recovery in case of failure.
  • These services include :
    • Backing up your data
    • Monitoring the state of your servers and workstations
    • Protecting your network and Internet access
    • Helpline or on-site assistance

Specific developments

  • We only recommend the development of specific applications as a last resort. Proven market solutions remain of course a priority.
  • In order to ensure the sustainability of specific developments, these will always be :
    • Simple
    • Controllable

References of our Consultants

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  • Moratel : Implementation of OpenERP (odoo): Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Human Resources, CRM.
  • M’dina bus : OpenERP (odoo): advanced management of supplier regulations, VAT management, financial statements, cash management (in progress)
  • Dynamic Access : Assistance with the project management for the implementation of an integrated solution: commercial management, financial management, purchasing management, multi-stores under Sage ERP 100
  • TOTAL Maroc : Integration of ERP JD EDWARDS: Distribution (Sales, Transport), Purchasing, Sales Administration, Production
  • Annour Technologies : Odoo ERP: Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, HR, Project Management, CRM
  • O Eyes : Odoo ERP: Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, HR, Project Management, CRM, e-Commerce Portal
  • Blinkit : Odoo ERP: Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, HR, Project Management, CRM, e-Commerce Portal

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Software development

  • M’dina bus : CMMS (Maintenance Management), Crew Planning, Bus scheduling (Vehicle scheduling & runcutting), Electronic Document Management (EDM), Tablet Reporting for CMMS, Semi-automatic Bank Reconciliation, GPS Monitoring System for Service Vehicles, Service Ordering, Mobile Client for GPS Tracking.
  • Wefree : Management of Wifi captive portals for buses.
  • Department of Water : "Mor Dam" Application, Web and Mobile, Elaborative of the Daily Situation of Dams Filling

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Audit and consulting

  • G4S : audit of the IT function and adequacy study on the existing information system.
  • Riad Motor Holding : adequacy study on the existing information system.
  • AD MAROC : audit of the IT function and adequacy study on the existing information system.
  • Biopharma : Assistance in project management of the information systems master plan.

Odoo / OpenERP

  • Odoo is an OpenSource ERP with a large functional coverage. Nevertheless, functionalities and custom developments can be added without constraints according to present and future needs.
  • Choosing odoo allows you to obtain a powerful solution, without the cost of an acquisition license.
  • The reliability of open source solutions is well established. There is evidence of the growing number of companies that have opted for Open Source tools for many years.
  • The durability of open source solutions is guaranteed by the opening of source codes, registered in open source licenses, which implies that no company can buy a solution and close source codes.
  • Thanks to its ergonomic interface, odoo is user-friendly.